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Cancer has become a common problem in dogs and cats. Along with the increased incidence, we now have improved methods of diagnosis and treatment. Some tumors can be seen or felt in or under the skin. Others are internal and can be seen with x-rays and ultrasound images. Biopsy and/or needle aspiration will help determine if the tumor is benign or malignant.

Depending on the type of tumor, surgical removal may be the only treatment necessary. If the biopsy shows the tumor to be malignant, further treatment may be necessary. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy are available for pets. Chemotherapy is usually done through referral to a veterinary oncologist. The University of Missouri is opening the Mizzou Animal Cancer Center facility in Wentzville. This clinic is scheduled to open in June 2011 and will offer radiation therapy for pets.

If your pet has any visible lumps or bumps, get them checked out.

Sooner is better than later!